About the Company

La Panciata is a family owned and operated bakery that has been producing delicious Italian-style bread in Vermont since 1992.

Over the years, the company has grown organically by word of mouth and through honest hard work. This is because the product speaks for itself. The taste and purity of the bread have customers coming back for more.

Owners Glenn and Lori Loati bring Vermont values of integrity, quality and generosity to their operations. They source many ingredients locally and seek to give back to the community. They contribute bread to numerous local charities with the underlying belief that healthy bodies make strong minds.

About the Products

Anyone who tries La Panciata bread can tell that something makes it unique. Perhaps it’s the slow, traditional Italian baking process or the high quality ingredients. Perhaps it’s the owners’ deep commitment to quality and freshness. Regardless, once you’ve had a taste of La Panciata bread, you’ll be hooked and ready to sample the broad range of flavors, textures and styles that are now widely available throughout Vermont and surrounding regions.

The Company’s History

1992 – Glenn travels to visit his family roots in Italy, and learns traditional Italian baking techniques. Glenn and Lori begin selling bread “on the side” at the Montpelier Farmers Market while raising their kids, Kendra and Justin, and working other jobs. Because of local buzz, they are soon invited to sell their products at the Hunger Mountain Coop.

1993 – They begin selling bread full time at various farmers markets.

1994 – In the spring, Glenn builds a wood fired brick oven as an addition to their home. He builds it at night – brick by brick – and curious young neighbors spread rumors that he is building a spaceship.

1994 – Things move fast! In the fall, they acquire their first commercial space and quit their day jobs. Glenn and Lori experiment baking sliced bread. A major supermarket chain “discovers” the bread and La Panciata is invited to sell it on a larger scale.

1994 – 2008 – La Panciata experiences numerous moves and expansions. The company grows organically yet swiftly.

2009 – La Panciata is selected as the bread supplier for the Vermont WIC program. New machinery and formulas allow them to produce 23,000 kid-friendly loaves in a single month.

2011 – Hurricane Irene hits Vermont and La Panciata’s bakeries are flooded. However, through dedication, hard work and collaboration, the bakery is back up and running in only two weeks!